It happens to many of us. We work hard, try harder to please the boss, but it is that clever Rita who is a favourite with the boss who walks away with the promotion at the end of the year. So why does this happen to us? Why is it that inspite of having given it all to the job, all we are left with is a “Meets expectations” kind of rating. What is the secret of Rita? Can we be in Rita’s place? The answer to your question is YES. Now you may ask – How? Memsaab.com brings to you how to be a favourite of your boss..

1. Chamchagiri – Yes, you heard it right. Chamchagiri, Chaaploosi or as they say in Angrezi – Kiss the butt. Well ok – This may sound crude, but it is the ultimate truth. You will get in the good books of your boss only when you are on her side and not opposite her. Figure it out for yourself. If you were the boss, would you prefer having yes women or would you prefer having co-workers who stand up against you, quarrel with you or would you prefer having colleagues supporting you, doing your bidding and being Yes Women…

2. Spend more time with your boss – Lets face it girls.. You are friends with somebody who you meet up with regularly and talk frequently. In fact people generally are wary of strangers. If you are a Bigg Boss fan, you must have noticed how the quietest person in the house is the first person to be nominated for the “Ouster”. Now we do not want to be ousted from our companies. So it is in your own interest that you cultivate an interest in your boss even if she is bore personified.

3. Do not disagree with your boss – Many a times we have realised that if we could hold back that tongue of ours, especially with our bosses, then our careers would have been in a much better shape than now. Even if you do disagree with your boss, be very polite about it and end the sentence with “But we will do as you would guide”.

4. Fill in for your boss, whenever and whereever you can – This ways your boss begins to trust you and you get access to your boss’ boss. Only be careful that you do not tread on the shoes of your immediate boss or else she may see you aas a threat.

5. Market yourself subtly – Subtle is the word here. You do not have to be over the top or you would be seen as wannabe. So at an office party, just slide up next to your boss and drop hints about how you managed this and that… For now, follow the above mentioned tips and let us know whether you got the much deserved promotion…

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