Did you know that the way you kiss has a huge impact on the future of your relationships? Research suggests that the first kiss is highly influential in a person’s decision regarding the future dating/relationship. This is just one more reason why you should want to be a good kisser. But are you a good kisser?

Many people go though life thinking that  they are the best kissers. But most of them think so only because their partners have been too kind to point out their lack of kissing skills. Don’t let yourself be one of them. Learn the art of kissing with us!

– Start with a fresh breath. If you have stinky breath, your date will never kiss you again! Popping a fresh mint before the date is a good idea.

– Don’t jump into your date’s mouth at once. The French may have taught the world the pleasures of “toungue-exchange” but this is not something to start a kiss with. A proper kiss has 4 distinct stages. 1. Mouths meet but are closed, 2. Mouths open, 3. Tongue slightly out, 4. The tongue exchange.

– The fourth stage is to be tried only if you are completely comfortable with each other. Don’t try the tongue exchange the first time you kiss your date.

– Don’t make it too wet and slippery. If your date needs to wipe his/her face with a tissue after the kiss, it wasn’t a good kiss. The saliva should be kept to a minimum when kissing. You aen’t watering plants guys!

– Use your hands too. The pleasure of a kiss can be heightened by aiding it with your hands. USe your hands to stroke your partner’s face, hair or ears.

– Don’t wander onto other areas. If you’ve just started to get intimate, don’t let your hands wander to other territories like boobs, ass, crotch etc.

– If your partner is trying to pull away, do not force yourself on him/her. This is not only very rude but also a crime.

– Keep it slow, simple and sweet. The romance of a kiss is in keeping it slow and lingering. There’s no train to catch and the pleasure is in enjoying the intimate moment with your partner.

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