It is very common in Indian household to have morning toast as breakfast with butter. Well, we all know that too much of consumption of butter is not good for your body and health as it increases the cholesterol level in your body which might lead to heart-related diseases. So, what alternatives you can use instead of ‘butter’ to spread in your toast?

Here below we have few healthy alternatives to butter for your morning toast:

>Avocado: Vigorous, organic and good for your health. Avocado is the best spread on crunchy grain toast with tomato, cucumber, chicken and rocket.

>Apples and Tahini: Tahini might taste a little rancorous on its own, but add sliced apples and a splash of maple syrup, and you get a sweet treat that doubles as breakfast.

>Olive oil: Olive oil subsidies to the long-life that the Mediterranean foodies are renowned for. Sprinkled on toast adds its fresh invigorating taste that hits the taste of margarine or butter – perfect with your morning eggs and tomato.

>Ricotta: Ricotta is akin to cottage cheese but is evener in the surface with no added salt. Not only spreadable, ricotta can be used in baking, sweet or savory, and in pasta dishes. Try ricotta spread thickly on toast topped with jam or honey.

So, now you know the best healthy alternatives to butter for your morning toast.

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Joydev Mishra


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