How often have you come across a woman who thinks it’s okay to be overweight if she’s working? Are you one such woman yourself? We all know that being a working woman is not easy, especially if you have a loving hubby and doting kids at home who expect you to work miracles all through the day! Getting through every busy day is a miracle in itself, right? But if you allow yourself to ignore your fitness and health, just because you are too busy balancing your career and family, something is wrong. You are fulfilling all your responsibilities, except the one you owe to yourself!

How To Be A Fitter and Healthier Career-Woman

– Never take the elevator. No matter which floor you live or work on, always take the stairs. Great daily workout in just a couple of minutes!

– Choose your meal partners with care. Avoid eating lunch with people who have unhealthy eating habits cause they are likely to tempt you into those habits too.

– Try to carry a home-cooked lunch. If that is not possible, hire a dabba service that provides balanced and healthy meals. Avoid burgers and pizzas or samosas from the cafeteria.

– Try to include a little walking into your way back home. For example you can get down from the bus/metro 3 stops before your scheduled stop and walk it out the rest of the way.

– Stretch your body every hour for at least 4-5 minutes. You should streth various body parts and muscle groups like neck, shoulders, wrists, ankles, waist, legs etc. Every little bit of activity helps.

The idea is to include numerous bits of activity into your day so that you don’t sit around for hours continously, even when at work. Combine this with healthy and nutritious diet for best results.

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