Ramaiya has been going steady with Satish for more than 8 months now. Satish is a tall and muscular hunk who works at a retail store. He is super charming and is known to have had a string of relationships before meeting Ramaiya. Ramaiya, on the other hand, is a prim and proper young woman who is a lecturer  in a college. This is her first serious relationship. When Ramaiya introduced Satish to her friends, they were all amazed by the wonderful guy who had been hitched by their friend. But very soon they started wondering why Satish was with Ramaiya. None of her friends seems to think that Satish has any real feelings for Ramaiya. But Ramaiya does not agree that she is being used.

How To Know Whether He Is Using You?

– If the relationship doesn’t have much to it, except sex, it means you are being used. Such relationships lack warmth and communication and cannot last very long.

– If he is forever asking you for money or expensive gifts, do yourself a favor and RUN!

– If HE decides when you should meet and is never available when you wanna see him, see red!

Basically, if you are giving a lot, but receiving much less in return, stop investing in this relationship. It will yield no results except heartbreak and pain for you.

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Lavanya Mehra


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