Someone once came up with a way to find out whether someone liked you or not. Remember “He likes me, He likes me not”? But hey, howcome so many young girls still believe it? Stop tearing the flowers away. The poor flowers and their petals have no clue whether someone fancies you or not. Try a little instinct and psychology instead!

Here are a few signs that he likes you, and would be interested in getting closer.

1. He pretends to not remember you. If this happens, don’t just assume you are too easily forgettable. Probably he is trying to hide his attraction towards you by pretending to not know you. Just think, if you remember him clearly, how can he have forgotten you?

2. He makes fun of you. This is another classic way of disguising attraction in humour. He is probably just trying to impress you with his wit and humor. Most men tend to crack stupid jokes when confused.

3. He avoids eye contact. Men avoid eye contact when they have something to hide: their feelings. Probably he is too shy to reveal his feelings to you and thinks that you won’t find out if you don’t have any eye contact with him.

4. He ignores you. Classic! Especially if he gives extra attention to your friends. The simple reason is that he doesn’t want to do the chasing. If you like him, try to strike up a friendship.

5. He talks too much. Again, he is trying to cover up his feelings by drawing your attention away to other things. Don’t be irritated. He is just too confused and dosn’t know what to do with his feelings.

6. He pulls his belly in. This one is a surefire way of finding out whether a man is into you. Observe him without being noticed. Then observe him when he is with you. Is there a difference in the size of his belly? If he pulls in his stomach for you, he is obviously very interested.

7. He goes on and on about the love of his life. If it is one sided love and he talks about it with you all the time, he’s aware that this love will not blossom. But he sees opportunity with you and that’s the good part, isn’t it?

If he displays signs listed above, there’s a very good chance that he is interested in you. Don’t torture him by ignoring him. Go up to him and try to break the ice!

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