Youngsters date a lot these days and it takes a lot many dates and relationships to finally find the one person who is meant to be yours forever. It could be the first person you date, the second, fourth, seventh or twelfth. How do you know when you meet your soulmate?

How To Know If He’s Mr Right?

1. You trust him implicitly. In these times of facebook and other social networking sites, it is hard to completely trust anyone. But when you find yourself trusting someone implicitly, maybe it’s for a reason.
2. You can’t stop smiling. When the mere thought of someone brings a smile to your face, that person has to be special. This does not happen with every guy you date. It shall happen only when it’s someone really special.
3. You stop checking out other guys. This happens only when you feel perfectly happy, secure and content in your current relationship. If this happens, know that you have found your soulmate.
4. There are no games. When there is no jealousy, envy and testing of love, it has to be a relationship worth keeping. Enjoy it and nurture it.
5. You stop thinking of yourself as an individual. When you stop looking out for yourself as a single person, you start thinking of both of you as ane item. When you think of yourself as the part of a couple and you start looking out for the interests of the couple, this is it!
6. There is no need to prove. When you are not expected to prove your love or your honesty, then it is a love of mature sort. It shows acceptance, honesty and trust. It will last for sure.
7. All your friends and family like him. If he’s not right for you, someone will definitely point it out. But if he wins everyone over, he’s gotta have that thing about him, right?

If you experience these things with your partner, he is doubtlessly your Mr Right. Keep him close, gal!

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