Mishti found a lipstick mark on her husband Shivam’s shirt last week. When she asked him about it, he casually dismissed it as being a color from their son’s box of crayons. He even laughed at Mishti for being so suspicious and joked about it for 10 minutes. Though she let it go at that moment, Mishti is still not completely convinced that the mark was from a crayon. She has become more suspicious of her husband and is always looking out for telltale signs of his infidelity!

Have you ever been in that situation where your heart tells you something, and your partner tells you something else?

Here are a few easy ways to spot a lie that you are being fed:

– Trust your instincts. If your intuition says he is lying, most probably he is!

– He is giving too many details when you asked a simple question about his whereabouts etc.

– He is touching his face while talking. This is common body language of a person who is lying.

– He has become more secretive and makes sure you can’t check his phone – even deletes browsing history on laptop, phone etc.

– He will get offensive when you confront him. Offense is the best defense – this is why liars often turn to offense strategy.

If he is displaying these behaviours, he is most likely lying or hiding something.

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