Love and relationships are getting more and more complex, day by day. In thid era of Instagram, Twitter an Tinder, love is difficult. Imagine yourself being in a relationship, and then finding out that he has not exactly been  honest. Heartbreaking, right?

This is why you must know how to spot lies early on, so that you are not taken advantage of. It is important to have trust in your relationship. But you should certainly not be foolhardy. 

Is He Lying?

– If your instincts say that he is being dishonest, most likely he is. 

– If what he says about his whereabouts does not match with his social media posts etc.

– If he seems withdrawn, avoids metting your eye.

– If he is revealing too many details when asked a simple question.

– If he regularly becomes unreachable on phone but cannot explain why.

– If he becomes defensive or starts accusing you when you confront him.

Even though these are signs of a lying partner, do not accuse him unless you have reasonable doubt.

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