The picture attached here is just a joke. We are not talking about your bai’s FB registration. We are talking about having her registered with the local police.

Rajni had the most harrowing experience a few weeks ago. Her trusted and long serving maid asked for a 3 month leave to visit her very sick mother in UP. Rajni could not refuse the request as she had had a very good experience with Shanti and did not want to lose her. But she could not survive without a maid for even 2 days. Between her demanding job and a family of 5 to take care of, Rajni could hardly find any time for the household chores. So she asked every maid she saw on the road to help her for 3 months. On Sunday the doorbell rang and there stood a maid who said her name was Pooja, and she’d been sent by Reshma, the bai who worked a few blocks away. Pooja said she’d had experience with handling kids and could manage the chores too, all for just Rs. 7K, and Rajni hired her immediately.

Two weeks later Pooja suddenly stopped coming to work. Rajni did not have any information of her whereabouts and her enquiries proved futile. Within the next couple of days Rajni realised that a lot of her jewelery, cash and other things were missing from the house. She had been robbed slowly over two weeks,and she did not even realise it!


You must have your hired help registered with the police. You should do it for existing employees, and for every new maid, driver or nurse that you may hire to work in your house. Sometimes we avoid doing this because we do not wish to offend our employees. But this is something that has got to be done, whether we like it or not. 

You should also take a picture of your employee with your phone or camera and keep it in a file, along with other details like copy of ration card or BPL card, Aadhar card, address, phone number etc.

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