Balancing work life and childcare is one of the issues that worries many parents. While many couples have started trusting on daycares and caregivers, for those who don’t, managing the two becomes tough, especially in a scenario where both the parents are working. So, we bring to you the concept of Tag team parenting.

Devised by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington, the term ‘tag-team’ parenting denotes to the drill where parents work substitute schedules, taking turns at both paid employment and child care, either out of choice or compulsion. “This ‘tag-team’ parenting scheme is often engaged by two-earner, married-couple families with children to handle with their work/family dilemmas.

While tag-team parenting is not precisely a new sensation globally, couples today are progressively choosing it to uphold a balance between work life and childcare, without negotiating on either areas. The reasons for this range from lack of funds or disinclination to hire a caregiver, to having a child who requires constant parental attention.

So, if you are working couple and want to give the care that you child needs and also cater to your day job, then certainly try tag team parenting to lose the current load an set an example for your child.

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Joydev Mishra


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