Household chores do not seem like a big deal if you live in a big family or have hired help. But they become a constant headache fo young working couples who prefer to do them on their own. Sometimes it’s just that a bai seems like more of a hassle and less of a help! Sometimes, you are never home to have the bai visit and do the work. Some people just prefer to do things themselves! In any case, managing household chores is difficult if both the partners are working, even more so if there are little children in the picture!

How To Manage Household Chores Without Fighting

1. The first and foremost tip is that the chores should be shared between all the housemates. If you have children, even they should be expected to chip in, in whatever little way they can. This will inculcate in them a sense of responsibility.

2. The next thing is that both housemates should have a sense of sharing of the housework. It is just not fair if the lady of the house is doing all the chores, while the man of the house lazes around watching TV. Now this is tricky, but if such a situation does arise, try to tell your man politely that he is expected to chip in.

3. If there are arguments over who is expected to do what, try to resolve them amicably. Also, do not let the argument get into other areas other than housework. Limit the argument to the issue on hand.

4. Do not let the work pile up for the weekend. Finish the work as and when it is there. For instance, if you have clothes to wash, do not let them pile up till the weekend. Make it a 2 or 3 times a week affair. Thus, you will not be stressed during the week that there is a pile up of clothes to finish for the weekend.

5. Organize chores by daily, weekly and monthly categories to stay on top of what needs to be done. Daily tasks could include straightening up and wiping down, whereas weekly tasks could include laundering and scrubbing.

Try implementing the above suggestions and let us know if this has helped you.

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