Pooja loves travelling. She has been to Europe and has seen most of the West. Last time when she holidayed with her family, they went to Australia and New Zealand.

This year, her parents decided to stay back, while she planned a trip to Ladakh with a close friend. No doubt, it was a wonderfully planned trip to explore the virgin beauty of the north. But sadly she could not enjoy as much her trip as she fell ill midway!

There was no one to advise or help her out of the illness. Her friend did whatever little she could, but she too was as ignorant as Pooja. They had to return early.

Time to take care of yourself!

Travelling in itself is an expensive hobby. On top of it, if you fall ill it becomes a difficult one too. One bad experience can averse you from travelling altogether! So, to make sure you stay healthy and wealthy throughout the trip, take some wise advice.

Prevent Food Poisoning

This is the most common health hazard that travellers fall prey to. Home cooked food is out of question, unless you have a loving relative in every part of the world. And you cannot possibly eat in expensive restaurants all the time. Even if you do, there is no guarantee that the water and the spices of that place will be greeted by your body with as much delight as you are greeted in that place!

Hygiene should take top priority when you choose a place to eat. A good way to avoid unhygienic food is to have packed food. If you think you might not find it on your trip, carry it with you. Pick up foods that last longer, like chips, biscuits, preserved juice and the like. And if you have to eat on a roadside or dhaba, have only hot food items. They carry less chances of being unhygienic as the heat tends to kill most germs.

Also, always carry a bottle of purified or mineral water with you. Otherwise, if possible, boil the water before drinking.

Avoid Cold

You can catch cold anywhere. It’s not just a patent of cold or wet places! The virus can get active anywhere, if it finds the right atmospheric conditions. And it attacks when you are weak, tired and have less energy to fight back!

Take good care in obvious conditions. No need to pose like women in Yash Raj movies who survive the chilly breeze in a white chiffon saree!

Be prepared for rains, if there are slightest possibilities of a bad weather in that region. For best prevention, follow the daily weather report on radio, television or newspaper.

Travel Sickness

Many people have the problem of nausea, head and body pains, etc. on long journeys. To avoid it, never go on a long journey with an empty tummy. Have more of solids and avoid having too much beverages on your journey. Water of course is always good for your body, but take care in case you cannot take too many breaks on the journey.

If you have a severe problem, you may also choose to take a preventive medicine. There are quite a few available in the market. Do consult your doctor before taking any medicine for prevention.

Menstrual Safety

On trips where you do not have a permanent place to settle down, you may wish you were born a man. Nevertheless, when you have conquered most other male-dominated areas as a woman, this should not be difficult.

Be prepared always with pads and pain relievers (even if you do not use any), even if your dates aren’t close. Change in environmental conditions, water and nutrition may cause a deflection in your menstrual cycle. It may also cause more uneasiness than usual. But there is nothing to worry about. If you are well prepared, you will not face much of a problem. If you are a frequent traveller, you are probably more experienced, and equipped for such situations.

If Prevention Fails

Always carry a medical kit with you. Along with important medicines for cough, cold, fever, diarrhoea, dehydration, body pain, travel sickness, etc., keep a first-aid kit too for emergencies.

Prevention is always better than cure. So, keep yourself healthy by having a balanced diet. Drink lots of water and take proper rest. Do not over exert yourself as that makes you vulnerable to germs. Take proper sleep and have a healthy and fun-filled journey!

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