Chinese New Year 2012 starts from Today, Jan. 23, 2012, and this year is the Year of Water Dragon. 

The Chinese New Year is symbolized by a new animal zodiac and they run in a 12-year cycle. Last year it was the Year of Rabbit and this year the more commanding beast “The Dragon”. According to chinese, the Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and intense power and is regarded as a divine beast. Dragon also symbolizes supernatural powers.

For the Chinese, the dragon is the luckiest and most auspicious of all the animal signs. Those who born under this sign are regarded as innovative, passionate, colorful, confident and fearless people.

Here are some predictions for the year of the Dragon:

1)  Natural disasters and financial volatility, especially to crisis-hit Europe.

2)  The chart says, it Will be good for United States towards end of the year, but not so much for Europe which will collapse in 2012.

3) Russia and China are the best bets for financial investments in 2012.

4) India will become the center for entertainment in the world. Bollywood will become  much more popular worldwide than Hollywood.

5) Chinese Communist Party will hold its 18th Congress to select a new generation of leaders.

6) As it’s the Water Dragon, there will be many storms and floods in 2012.

7) In 2012 humans will meet aliens and become “interplanetary friends”.

8) Americans which are famous for their eating habbits would “eat themselves to death” and this year Americans will become so obese that they can not compete with the rest of the world.

9) African continent will rise and China will make many deals with African countries.

10) Tragedies for 2012 London Olympics.

11) Neo-hippies will be seen all over America in the Summer of 2012.

12) The Mayans were right about the end of world.

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Lavanya Mehra


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