The festival of Halloween is rapidly becoming a popular part of India’s modern culture. People wear their scariest get-ups, myths about spirits take shape, and of course, kids eat candy like never before. In the past couple of years, the trend of celebrating Halloween has really caught up. Just a few years ago, not many in India knew what is Halloween or how or why it is distinguished.

Due to amplified exposure especially to American pop culture, films, sitcoms and cartoons, most of us know how to celebrate Halloween. This is one festival where religious setting takes a back seat, and we all are at our unnerving and creative best. For kids, this means challenging parents’ creativity and prodding them into making pecuniary yet believable Halloween costumes. Even most schools these days organize Halloween carnivals, just to give children a feel of the entire extravaganza.

Any festival is an occasion for family and friends to meet and have a great tie time. And Halloween is a festival primarily enjoyed by kids, across cultures.

Well, that’s the beauty of living in a dynamic country such as India. One segment of the population, mainly made up of the upper-middle class, is fast embracing the Halloween culture. The other segment seems to categorically have no clue on how such a holiday found its way to our calendar in the first place. If anything, the country has to put up with a dozen other festivals in a couple of months. With all these facts in mind it is worth asking – should the entry of Halloween be a cause for concern?

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