We know that you cringe every time you see a woman with body hair. We also know that fat women are a target of your jokes. But hey guys, do you know that women also dislike YOU, at times? To be more specific, women often find men to be grossly unattractive and repulsive. So even though you think you are great at cracking jokes etc, you might still not be getting dates because of the way you look!

Wanna know why? Do you want to know what exactly about your body, turns off women? Here is the answer…

A Booby Chest

Yeah yeah, we know you guys have a big thing for boobs! But boobs look good only as long as they are on women. On YOU, they look positively repulsive. So if you have man-boobs, get started on a muscle building program right away. Otherwise, this could ruin all your chances of even an arranged marriage!

Filthy Teeth

What use is a smile if it only shows off your yellow-black teeth? Food particles stuck inside your mouth or teeth is probably the biggest turnoff imaginable. Feeling worried, are you? Go get your teeth cleaned up by a dentist, yaar! And follow it up with a “twice daily” brushing routine. And if you can spare some time, go chew on a “neem-daatun” every morning. Works like a miracle…

Beer Belly

Don’t you feel ashamed of your pot when you ogle at a sexy babe? Remember, bandar never gets the hoor! If you have a big belly, get rid of it ASAP. Otherwise, be ready to be propositioned by someone with an even bigger belly. Let’s face it, you cannot rightly demand a slim girl if you are fat. So stop guzzling all that beer and gorge on salads/soups for a while.

Dirty Nails

If you have untrimmed, dirty and black fingernails, don’t blame the women for cringing at the thought of shaking hands with you! They are all probably wondering what disease you might give to them with that shake of hands. And can you really expect a woman to enjoy being touched by your unkempt hands? Need not say any more on this, right?

Excessive Body/Pubic Hair

If you have excessive hair on your chest or back, you need to get it trimmed – if not waxed or shaved. Similarly, excessive pubic hair is such a big put off! Go trim that garden, buddy! If you are too scared of the waxing routine, try shaving as an option. If that doesn’t work either, at least get a nice pair of scissors and get going.

Dirty/Unkempt/Smelly Feet

Feet are the most ignored part of most bodies. But women do observe them! Especially if they are dirty, unkempt or smelly. Clean your feet with a pumice stone and soap every evening and apply some Vaseline to the soles. Within days, you will find yourself with completely new and soft feet.

Take care of these things, and you will ensure that no woman rejects you because of your body!

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