Everyone knows that New Delhi is playing host to the Commonwealth Games this year. But do you know that New Delhi is also host to the Global Summit on Women Empowerment?

Around 250 women leaders from all over the world have gathered at Delhi to participate in this conference on women empowerment. The summit is also being called Asian Women’s Leadership and Training Summit. This conference is running from 15-18 September at the Taj Hotel in Delhi.

Kiran Bedi, who is the highest ranking woman police officer in India, spoke at the conference. Jaspal Bindra, group executive director and chief executive officer of Standard Chartered Bank in Asia and Tarun Das, former chief mentor of the Confederation of Indian Industry. The Summit was woven around three themes: Women as an Economic Force, Women in Political Leadership and Public Life, and Safeguarding Women’s Human Rights. All the three issues are very pertinent for women all over the world.

The welcome address was given by US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer. He said, “A country could succeed economically if its women are given enough opportunities. When women have equal opportunities in work and education, their children and families do better, their communities do better, their country does better, we all do better.”

Sessions throughout the summit are designed to highlight challenges, share best practices and develop new ideas and action plans for future programs that will be implemented through a new leadership initiative for South Asia and East Asia Pacific. “This initiative will enable participants to stay connected through the Vital Voices Global Partnership website and social networking community so they can continue to engage, share information, build relationships and foster new partnerships,” according to Vital Voices. Many women leaders from across the globe shared their experiences of breaking into the male dominated industries and areas.

We hope that the policy makers and leaders will use these sharing experiences to deploy best strategies for women empowerment across the globe.

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