Your best friend is a precious gift from God. He may tease you and irritate you all the time, but you know he is always there to support you in your good and bad times. But what if you feel something more than just friendly love for him?

Are you scared that you may loose your dear friend if he comes to know what you have started feeling for him? Do you fear that your face will let away all your feelings for him one day? Do you wish to get over your crush on your best friend?

Understand that it is just a phase of life and will pass away if you are determined!

• You need to accept and understand the fact that if your best friend does not have any such feelings for you it is not his fault. So if he is not able to understand all the big and small hints you drop by… you will have to stop dropping them anyway!

Stop thinking of him all the time! The more you think, the more you’ll feel (you very well know what). Think of other beautiful things you can do. Engage yourself in other activities, like hobby classes or your favourite music!

Hang out with friends, and friends that are not common between the both of you!

• It is not possible to completely avoid this person, but you can avoid meeting him alone. When you go out, include other friends too. That will make the outing seem less like a date, and you won’t expect much from him! It will also divert your mind from him!

Treat yourself… pamper yourself with all that you love to do… shopping, delicious goodies, a nice holiday or an outing!

• When you gain some strength, think practically! Look at him and accept the fact that he does not feel anything for you! He is and will always be your best friend and nothing else!

Fall out of love. There may be many things that your do not exactly like about him. Think about them. They will give you a reason for not wanting to get together.

It is always better to be together as the best of friends rather than face a break off later and fall apart forever! So, get over your crush and find yourself someone novel to date!

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