So, you have a crush. Well, it may sound crazy but this feeling has two sides of genre one side is fun that makes you happy and another side is something that makes you act crazy. It may sound bit unsophisticated but if you are planning on chasing your crush then it may be an unwise idea to implement.

You plan and decide on chasing the only crush of yours does no good to anyone. It is a predictable scenario that when you see someone and you get attracted immediately you may do anything irrational that you will regret in the later future.

Here we have some reasons on why one should stop chasing on a crush.

You may hurt yourself: When you decide on making a move on your crush by chasing her, the possibilities are that you may hurt yourself with your move. By running behind someone who is not at all into you, you put yourself down and disgrace your own heart.

You may miss your chance: While you are busy on chasing someone who has no interest in you, there are chances that someone else may like you and you miss out on them. It is important that you choose the right person who actually loves you. So, don’t be a fool and miss out on actual love.

Cases of Infatuation: Generally, it is the attraction that we term as love. Love should never be mingled with mere attraction. Facial attraction is not a base for a long-lasting relationship. Infatuation can break your heart so try to divert yourself with something or someone else and see the difference.

A thin line of desire and desperation: Sometimes it is the desperation that is clouded over the desires that we think is love. Chasing someone because “you think you love” is crazy. Desperation can never be a good friend but surely can be a cruel enemy.

Count you hopes on reality because love is a tricky math that is better unsolved.


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