Arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to different tissues in the body. When plaque builds up and blood flow becomes repressed, these clogged or blocked arteries can lead to more grave problems such as heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Right food items can be used as a natural medicine to relapse blockage and prevent further damage to your arteries. Here are some best foods you can eat to free your arteries of build-up.

> Asparagus: Asparagus is one of the best foods to rinse your arteries. Full of fiber and minerals, it helps lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots that can lead to serious cardiovascular illness. It works within the veins and arteries to assuage inflammation that may have accumulated over time.

> Avocado: Avocado helps reduce the “bad” cholesterol and increase the “good cholesterol” that helps to clear the arteries. It also contains vitamin E, which thwarts cholesterol oxidation, as well as potassium, which is known to lower blood pressure.

> Fatty Fish: Fatty fish—mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring and tuna—are rich in healthy fats, which can help to clear the arteries. Omega-3 fatty acids help to upsurge the “good” cholesterol while reducing triglyceride levels, decreasing blood vessel inflammation and the formation of blood clots in the arteries, and can even lower blood pressure.

> Nuts: Instead of reaching for the cookie jar, try a healthier alternative—nuts. Almonds are the best choice because they are high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fiber and protein. The magnesium in almonds also prevents plaque formation and lowers blood pressure.

So, try the consumption of above food items to reduce the chances of clogging of arteries.


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