If you ever go to buy vegetables or fruit from a market, you will see that youngsters are quietly buying produce and paying what they are asked. But if you observe the people who are a little older, you will find them haggling actively. Haggling for price, or negotiating, is a dying art. The young people today are used to buying things online and paying what they are asked to pay. Even if they accompany their parents on a vegetable buying trip, they are embarassed by the haggling their parents enjoy with the vendors!

Some poeple might be tempted to ask, is price negotiation even possible in modern world (apart from vegetable/fruit markets). The answer is in affirmative. Haggling or negotiating is relevant, possible, and even fair. When you struggle and work hard to earn every pisa of your income, why should you allow stores and corporates to make money off you without struggling for it?

Rules for Negotiation

1. Always research the price at multiple stores before you choose to buy. Knowing what their competitor is charging for same products will give you advantage over the salesman.

2. Make a resonable offer and give them a few minutes to consider.

3. Be firm on your demnd for a discount. This means you have to be willing to leave without making a purchase.

4. If you pay in cash, you should lways ask for the cash discount. Stores pay around 3% in bank charges when customers use a credit card. If you are paying in cash, these savings should be passed on to you!

5. When at a hotel, ask for a discount. If they decline, check with them if they can upgrade you for the same price or sweeten the deal for you by offering other freebies etc.

6. The most important rule is to be friendly and cordial. Nobody wants an irate customer who is rude and arrogant. But everybody wants to help out a jolly and friendly person. So be that person when you are shopping!

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