The kitchen is a very important part of our lives. It is especially more important in the lives of Indian women as traditionally it is the women in our society who do the cooking. Naturally, we sped a good part of our lives working in the kitchen. So if you are going to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen every day, why settle for anything but the best? Everyone cannot have the cool large kitchens displayed in magazines, but everyone can try to make their existing kitchens more organised, efficient and pretty. Just use some Feng Shui!

Feng Shui Tips for Kitchens

1. Get rid of all clutter. This is an important principle of feng shui and applies to kitchens also. Throw away everything that you don’t use. Stop hiding things to put them out of sight, get rid of them!

2. Sunlight and Air? Every kitchen should have large windows that provide ample sunlight and fresh air. Have your house modified if you don’t have this luxury. Sunlight and fresh air help in getting rid of bad smells and gloom. Add a wind chime to bring in more positive energy.

3. Flora please! Everyone should have a potted plant or fresh flowers in a vase in the kitchen. Even having your herbs growing on the windowsill is a great way of bringing some freshness and life into your kitchen.

4. Focus on cleanliness. You must clean up your ovens and burners every night before sleeping. Everything in the kitchen should be clean and in working order if you wish to avoid negative energy. If something doesn’t work, either repair it or throw it out.

5. Position in house: Kitchen should not be in the centre of the house as that may lead to indigestion and financial troubles. Feng Shui also says that yellow is the best colour for kitchen walls.


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