Just as Europe was expecting that it could put Covid to rest, the virus has mounted again, with reintroduced venom. Case numbers have been rising and in their wake, hospital admissions too. As the UK government fixes to divulge a range of new lockdown rules, international reporters from France, Germany and other European capitals explain how their countries are managing.

Europe is in meltdown again as daily Covid death tolls reach record highs and countries ascent to expand testing and rescue hospital systems that are buckling under the pressure. Health experts warn that despite hopeful news with a vaccine rollout starting in the UK, drastic action is still needed to save lives as coronavirus tears through nations endeavoring to regain some facade of normality.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned on Thursday that the number of Covid-19 cases was rising again in some regions after flattening in recent weeks in the wake of England’s November lockdown. The UK is averaging 16,000 new cases a day, a higher number than last week.

London had the highest prevalence of Covid-19 in England in the week to December 6, fueling speculation that restrictions in the city could be tightened on December 16 when the government will review regional tiers. This would mean pubs and restaurants being forced to close. The UK recorded 20,964 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, a rise of almost 5,000 in the previous 24 hours, and 516 deaths. It brings the case count to almost 1.8 million and the death toll to 63,082.

Well, it is clear that Europe is struggling with hike in Covid cases and we need to prepare ourselves too for worse of situations.


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