Do you know eating apples and berries can actually prevent brain degeneration? A study adds strength to the theory — bolstered by recent animal studies — that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and similar diseases may be reduced by dietary intervention, particularly by increasing one’s intake of antioxidant-rich foods like berries and apples.

According to the research, people should eat more apples, especially fresh ones. Though the protection against brain degeneration using any food product is currently hypothetical and adds that genetics and environment are also believed to play a role in the disease. Despite these caveats, the researcher predicts that eating at least one fresh apple or fresh berries a day might help.

Another study conducted with young and old adult participants who ate blueberries and apples, showed an increase of blood flow to key areas of the brain, enhancements in memory and attention to required tasks. Other tests with seniors eating strawberries and blueberries for several months showed improved memory as compared to those in a placebo group. Additional studies with children drinking smoothies made with berries, showed an increase in memory tests as compared to those drinking non-berry smoothies.

Eating berries and fresh apples on a regular basis along with other fruits and vegetables will ensure that the protective compounds of berries and apples are in your blood stream helping to improve your brain function at all ages.

So, start eating applies and berries to add a healthful addition to a regular diet.


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