Infidelity is very common in this age of Tinder and swipes. But this does not change the fact that nobody likes to be cheated on. If you are seeing someone, or are married, you never want to be in the position of being cheated on. Yet it is so common that you might be a victim of infidelity from your partner. So you must know how to spot a cheating partner.

Easy Signs to Spot a Cheating Partner

1. You don’t know the password to his phone. This is the easiest giveaway. If he does not want you peeping at his phone, he has something to hide, right?

2. If you get a gift for no reason, it makes you very happy. But you need to get over the happiness and dig deeper. Men often compensate for infidelity with gifts.

3. If you find your man paying more than usual attention to his looks and appearance, something is fishy.

4. He spends a lot of his time on his phone, never leaving it out of his sight.

5. Very often you find them to be unreachable and hear excuses like my phone battery died.

6. Social media activity is a big giveaway. Are they liking too many posts from or about someone?

7. Your instincts say something is wrong.

Trust your instincts and investigate!

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