The National Centre for Meteorology in UAE shared an exciting video of a heavy downpour of rain. What made this video exciting and unusual is the fact that this rain was manmade!

We all know that it gets really hot in UAE, and the annual precipitation is a low as 100 mm. This has led the authorities to devise new ways of cooling down the country. One such way is cloud seeding. The country is using cloud seeding technology to create artificial rain in scorching heat. Drones are used with a technology to create electrical charge that join the smaller clouds together and produce rain. This is an efficient and non-toxic way of producing rain that encourages a bigger downpour. There are other ways of creating artificial rain that involve use of chemicals, but rain seeding is considered to be the most efficient and useful.

It would be interesting to see when India adopts the technology and we can get rid of our dependence on natural rain for agriculture.

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