We know that onions make you cry and literally so and anyways the prices of onions are such that without cutting them, they are making us cry. But believe us, Tees Maar Khan makes you cry even more.

We are crying for the reason as to what a waste of money and time this movie is. Bereft of any story or plot and completely uninspired performances the money grates on your nerves. At one point of time you begin to wonder whether this really is a movie from the Farah and Sirish stable. Known for bringing an entertainment factor to their movies, Farah Khan’s and Sirish Kunder’s movies such as Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om even though had spoofs were never short of a cohesive story line.

One wonders what Akshay Kumar has come to. Otherwise well known for his perfect sense of humour and earthy appeal, it seems that Akshay has completely lost the art of picking up good scripts. Movie after movie that he is starring in is completely devoid of a good story or script. Please wake up Akshay before it is too late. Your audiences have begun to lose faith in you.

We are not going to talk about the plot of Tees Maar Khan because it doesn’t have a plot in the first place. The loosely concocted script has the main character as a super con artist who the police are desperately trying to catch, but he manages to escape everytime. This time he has to pull of the most daring robbery of his life. How he manages this forms the essence of the movie.

Katrinia doesn’t get to do much except look good and dance even better. The item number ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ is a chartbuster and Katrina does full justice to the song with her moves and jhatkas. But histrionics wise, it would have been better if Katrina had left this movie alone. Akshaye Khanna does justice to his role as a superstar who wants to win an Oscar. In fact his is the only performance worth mentioning.

All in all, the movies is completely avoidable. See it only if you have extra money and time and don’t mind blowing both of these on something utterly full of nonsense.

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