It is that time of the year when we start looking at the year ending with remorse and regret. We look towards the future with hope, certainly. But we also think of all the great things we had meant to do in the beginning of the year, but which we never really did! As we go through all these emotions, we make our resolutions for the next year, promising ourselves to stick with them this time.

Reasons Why You Should Not Bother With a New Year Resolution

– The very first reason is that these resolutions rarely ever succeed. Most people forget about their resolutions in the first week of the new year! Other may take a little time, but by the end of the first month – most people have already given up. Why bother with something you are not likely to succeed at?

– It is too big a promise to yourself, too much of commitment. A year is a long time to commit to. 

– The guilt at the end of year is just not worth it!

What You Should Do?

If you wish for the same things that most people want (lose weight, get fit, eat better, get a job, learn a skill, be more social etc), you can be more successful by trying every day. Instead of making a promise for a year long, just promise yourself to take everyday as it comes. Do not plan or promise anything. Just plan to have a great day every day. Your day could become great by exercising, by meeting friends, by being successful at work or any other thing that makes you tick.

Just promise yourself to have great days, and your year will be great too!

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Lavanya Mehra


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