Why do you ask?

When a woman has doubts about the involvement and love of her partner, it means things are not perfect. Either he is ignoring you, or he has done something else to raise your doubts about his emotional involvement. His behavior has made you doubtful enough to turn to the internet for information on this topic!

First of all, take a chill pill yaar! No man is worth so much fretting and worrying about. If you want to find out whether or not he “really” loves you, here are a few ideas:

Bring In Jealousy: This is the oldest trick in the book. Almost all women apply it at some point in their lives. Tell him about this adorable guy you met yesterday. Talk a lot about this guy (imaginary or real), and act as if you are a little interested in him. Now observe your partner’s reaction. Does he frown? Or does he keep reading the newspaper as you talk?

Any guy who loves a woman, cannot tolerate the idea of losing her to competition. Jealousy is your first pointer to the direction in which your relationship is headed.

Cool Off: Women always complain that men do not call them or send a text message. On the other hand, we are always sending messages or calling our men, right? So, cool it off for a day or two. Do not make any contact. What happens in the 2 days you do not try to contact him? Does he call you? Or does he enjoy the silence while it lasts?

If he cares for you, he should be missing your “annoying little message” or “phone calls to check when he is getting home”. But if he doesn’t seem to notice that you have not called him in 2 days, it looks like he’s just not that much into you, dearie!

Wear A Sack: Yes, just for once. Wear the ugliest clothes you have while you wait for him to arrive. Notice his reaction. Does he notice? Does he look a little upset that you are not looking your best?

If he truly loves you, appearances should not matter. If he gets all worked up because you prefer comfort over sexiness, for once, maybe he is just interested in your body.

Soap Time: This is the biggest test of true love. If your man passes this test, you need not harbor any further doubts. Ask him to watch your favorite daily soap with you. He is bound to flinch. After all, men are pre-programmed to surf channels and they have a decided preference for sports and news. But does he sit down and watch your soap to make you happy?

If he does, you are just being silly asking all these questions. He loves you and this is the real thing, gal. So go for it! But if he doesn’t, all is still not lost. It’s just an indication that he puts his needs before yours ALWAYS.

Apart from these tricks, you could try to read his body language. Often it tells a lot about a person. Apart from that, how open is he about your relationship? Does he like to introduce you to his friends and family? Or does he keep you hidden from everyone? Does he buy you gifts, in an attempt to please? Does he fix the morning cuppa while you are still sleeping?

These little things tell you a lot about where you are headed as a couple. All you need to do is OBSERVE.

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