Most parts of our country have been in complete or partial lockdown for months now. Amongst other things, what this means is that you did not buy freshly fried samosa fom your favorite samosa walla in a long time. You did not enjoy fresh vada pav or kachori or jalebi from your favorite stalls. India learnt to cope with this big gaping hole very early on. Right from the beginning of COVID-19 lockdowns, Indians have started cooking a lot more. We are making idlis, dosas, pakodas, chutneys, chaats, vada pavs etc at home now. This is certainly a much healthier trend for India. When you cook something at home, you know how much oil goes into it, you take care of cleanliness and hygiene, you use good quality ingredients and it is fresh. So yes, it is a much healthier trend to make your snacks at home now. But is this trend here to stay?

As we have learnt to make snacks at home, will we completely stop buying street food even after the challenege of COVID-19 is behind us?

Indians love street food and it will be hard for us to turn the face away when we see someone serving gol gappas to customers. The temptation to join in would be immense. But will we curb the temptation of will we give in? Probably the street food culture will be affected in some way. People will certainly be more demanding in terms of hygiene and quality now. What do you think about it?

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