Riya has had feelings for Ramesh for a long time now. She has thought about telling him many times, but can’t find the courage to do so. They are close friends and Ramesh thinks of Riya as nothing but one of his buddies. Why is this so and how can Riya change it?

Flirting : Indirect sexual advances and suggestions that are harmless and charming are called flirting. Open sexual advances are looked down upon in most cultures, but flirting is considered pleasing and harmless. 

How to Flirt?

– Show Interest: Make eye contact and hold it for a few seconds. Smile with confidence and friendliness.

– Compliment: Paying compliments to the other person is incredibly attractive to the person who is being complimented. Who doesn’t like being liked?

– Talk About Him: Ask him about his interests, things he has done, his opinion about important things etc. Generally speaking, you just have to give him a little importance.

– Physical Proximity: Standing close to him, leaning in when you talk, whispering slowly etc is all very attractive and hits the right note with your audience.

Word of Caution : It is one thing to show interest and quite another to harass someone. Placing your hand on his thigh or running it over his chest is not harmless flirting. This constitutes sexual overtures which may be seen as sexual harassment if he is not interested. So be sure of his reaction if you are going down that lane!

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