Research shows that people who have support from likeminded people will lose excess weight (and keep it off) more easily as compared to those who are doing it all alone. This is why you need a weight loss buddy.

Who Can Be Your Weight Loss Buddy?

Theoratically speaking, anyone who is in the same boat as you and has similar goals can be your WL buddy. But practically, it is better to exclude all your family and friends from the options. Go with a complete stranger who will not be bogged down by any emotional baggae when it comes to supporting you. A complete stranger will be easier to confide in, and will be more honest with you.

How to Begin?

Start by exchanging information such as: Your Goals, Your Shortcomings, Reasons Why You are OverWeight, Reasons Why You Want to Lose it etc. Be totally honest with each other.

How to Proceed?

Your WL buddy is your new best friend and constant companion. You may be thousands of kilometeres apart, but you will be watching over each other night and day.

– Speak every night on the phone (or text) to discuss your day’s performance wrt diet and exercise. Also discuss plans and strategies for the next day.

– Share meal plans, with the option of getting them approved by your buddy.

– Share recipes.

– Share your hunger scores before you eat. It can be between 1 and 10.

– Share your weight loss or gain weekly in performance reviews.

– Motivate each other to be more active.

If you find a WL buddy who is as excited and motivated as you are, you will lose all your flab in a fun way. So go for it and let the compliments start pouring in!

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