Shivani huffed and puffed after her breakup with Shailesh. She moved on to her next bopyfriend within weeks. But it’s not easy to get over someone you have dated for 2 years, right? Her rebound relationship has failed to help her get over Shailesh. She finds herself thinking about her ex, even though she does enjoy being with her new boyfriend.

Do You Still Have Feelings For your Ex?

In case you are wondering, here are the classic signs that mean you still need to get over your ex.

1. You are stalking them on social networking websites. If you are still keeping a tab on who he/she befriends and “likes”, you have a problem.

2. You think of his/her reactions every time you make a decision or even buy a new dress.

3. You still see him/her in your dreams!

4. You compare your current partner with your ex all the time.

5. You avoid certain places and landmarks because they remind you of your ex.

6. You think of your current relationship as a passing phase, and still see your future with your ex.

7. You imagine and daydream about your ex begging for your forgiveness!

8. You can’t stop talking about your ex. Even if criticising or complaining, you are still thinking of him/her.


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