It becomes really important that we keep a note of our calorie intake to lose weight. There are apps that promise to help you eat healthier by tracking what you eat and calculating your optimal calorie intake.

According to research, they might help you to lose weight. These apps function more or less like this: First, you enter your height and weight, and set some goals, like losing weight or eating a certain amount of protein each day. Then, you log every item of food and every exercise you do. At the end of the day, the app provides feedback on how you did that day in relation to your goal, and saves the information so you can see your progress over time.

Tracking your food intake can be very helpful for weight loss. In terms of any kind of behavior change, there is a key principle and that key principle is self-monitoring using apps. The app-based calorie counter isn’t in need of replacement. According to a new paper published in the scientific journal, people only need to spend 14.6 minutes a day monitoring their calorie intake in order to stick to a healthy weight.

The study involved 142 people who were asked to log their daily food intake over a period of six months – specifying calories, fat, portion sizes and preparation methods. The most successful contestants, those who lost 10 per cent of their body weight, were those who were consistent in their reports, logging in three or more times a day.

So, calorie counting apps ideally help in losing weight and keeping you in check.


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