After dengue fever has taken over a district in Uttar Pradesh, killing over a hundred so far, prices of goat milk have scooted up. A liter of goat milk usually costs Rs 50 per liter, but it is now selling for more than Rs 1,500 per liter.

Customers in the area have been told by a local Ayurveda physician that goat milk can help fight dengue. However, there is no logical proof to back the idea of goat milk helping in increasing platelet count or treating dengue.

“People have been approaching me for goat milk since the dengue outbreak last month. I used to sell it for Rs 50 a litre. With an increase in demand, the price has gone up to Rs 1,500,” a tea seller near Sadar Badar in Firozabad told a leading media house.

According to medical experts, however, a healthy wholesome diet helps in growing the platelet count. In past, Dr Madan Mohan, district epidemiologist told media house that there is no immunization for the diseases and there is no specific antigen for the virus. He advised one should increase intake of fluids and vitamin C to combat dengue.

It is the misconception that goat milk increases platelet count. And this misconception has resulted in hiking the price of the goat milk.

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Joydev Mishra


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