A recent incident from Delhi shows us how far we have fallen down as a society. As the world is struggling in fight against the CoronaVirus pandemic, the worst victim is poor people who relied on daily income for meeting basic necessities of life. One such poor man was battling heat and the pandemic scare in Delhi, trying to make some money by selling mangoes.

When a quarrel erupted out in the area, he was asked to move his thela from the spot. The poor guy moved his thela to another spot, but made the mistake of leaving his mango crates unattended for a few minutes while he moved his thela.

When passersby saw the mango crates unattended, they simply looted the mangoes. They even invited other people to join in the loot and the mangoes were all gone in minutes. The poor mango seller made a police complaint, but it does not look like any action can be taken. He has been robbed of around Rs 30,000 by a mob of people who couldn’t care any lesser.

What happened to our collective conscience? What kind of society is this? If we see an opportunity to loot, we will loot? This is an extremely shameful incident and we should all be questioning our values and ethics today.

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Lavanya Mehra


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