Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia publicizes that the number of COVID-19 patients in the city may reach 5.5 lakh and Delhi would need 80,000 beds to manage with the bolting numbers of Coronavirus patients.

Authorities had warned in the middle of May that the count of COVID-19 patients could reach 5 lakhs in Delhi by early July. But the Delhi government was in deep inertia for almost a month. Now when Coronavirus patients have started dying without getting admitted to any hospital, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi wakes up and makes ruckus about the number of beds required to deal with pandemic that hit Delhi in February.

Close to four months have gone by since February and the Delhi government had no idea about the congregation storm. The number of Coronavirus patients had been mounting by leaps and bounds from March in Delhi. The Kejriwal government, instead of standing up to face the challenge, was busy dressing up the catastrophe. First, it fudged data on number of patients and deaths in the town. Then the director of Loknayak Jayparkash Narain Hospital was immediately relieved of his responsibility on a flimsy pretext. His ‘crime’ was that he disclosed the actual number of COVID-19 patients that was much higher than the Delhi government figures.

Right now the situation is pathetic in Delhi. Patients are seriatim between hospitals to get admission and are often being denied admission. Well, we can very clearly see and say that Delhi government has failed miserably in handling the pandemic situation.


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Joydev Mishra


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