“Sharada has been searching for a job since the last 3 months. She has attented a couple of interviews, but things have not worked out for her yet. Though her husband Shirish keeps telling her that she will find a job soon, she has begun to lose hope. The repeated rejection is demoralizing her and she is showing signs of depression.”

What being Rejected Really Means?

If you are rejected in a job interview, it does not automatically mean that you are no good! There are many other reasons why people get rejected in interviews. A few of them are:

1. The job was cancelled. Sometimes the organisation does a retake on their decision to hire and choose to not hire anybody for the position which you may have been interviewed for.

2. They hired an old employee. Employees who leave on good terms are usually welcome back, especially if they are known to be good workers with good attitude.

3. They hired someone’s nephew! In India, it is very common to make hiring decisions based on personal references. You may be the best of the candidates, but if another candidate has the right contacts, the job might be hers!

4. You are too expensive. Often the organisation has a fixed budget for a position and if they find a cheaper resource, they might hire her instead of a more experiences (and expensive) one.

5. You did not prepare well for the interview. If this is the reason for rejection, you will realise it during the interview and you can prepare better for the next time!

6. Your references did not check out! It is important to give the references of people who you can count on for supporting you. One negative word from a reference, and the job may never be yours!

As you see, not all factors are in your control. So it is best to analyse whether the opportunity was lost due to a lack on your part. If so, it is for you to improve in the areas where you feel you need some improvement.


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Lavanya Mehra


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