We girls tend to eat our hearts out over every matter of the heart, big or small. This is at its worst when we are young and in love. In modern times, it is not possible to fall in love at sight, marry and stay married for the rest of your life. Relationships are more complex today and finding the right one involves rejecting many wrong ones! It involves heart break and it involves wrong decisions. But we don’t know these things when we are young. For a young girl in love, being dumped seems like the end of her life! So how would you explain these things to your daughter?

Dating Advice I’d Give My Daughter

1. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Youngsters are under a lot of pressure to have boyfriends, to have physical relationships and to be cool. But these re wrongs reasons for taking such big decisions. You should have a boyfriend only when you feel you really enjoy his company and want to spend a lot more time with him. Similarly, taking your relationship to the next level should not be because you feel pressurised by him or by your friends.

2. You can’t spend your youth giving second chances. If he keeps making mistakes, it is okay to not forgive him for a change. It is okay to go back fishing in the pond instead to having to eat the foul smelling fish.

3. Do not get fixated on one person. Again, there are many fish in the pond and if one doesn’t bite, that should not turn you off fish!

4. You are lovable. You may not be perfect (nobody is) but you are lovely and lovable and someone will come along to appreciate you and love you.

5. Be yourself. If you win someone’s affections by pretending to be someone you are not, remember that you cannot pretend forever. Someday he will get to meet the real you and what if he decides he is not interested?

6. Know the difference between infatuation and love. It is okay to be infatuated when you are young. It is fine to date someone you have a crush on, only as long as you don’t confuse it with love.

7. Lastly, a little bit of taalking to your mom won’t hurt. Ask for advice when confused!!!

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