Social media is the new style in this generation of advancement and technology. Many people are speaking about social media publicizing as the hot new thing for encouraging just about any type of business. Social media is partaking an impact in the advancement of the world. Sadly, not all of these impacts are constructive. There is a dark side to this technology that involves character, blackmail and coercion.

Social media is one of the greatest movement in this new smooth running generation. From staying connected with new people around the world to visualise any important news that covers the globe. With such advancement in the beneficiary sector, social media do have a darker side that can stir your range of imagination into a nightmare.

Here are a few things in regards to the dark side of social media.

  • No secrets: Social media keep tabs of your every movement. Any post that you upload in your social media account has an immoral value. Moreover, any post can be judged and commented irrespective to what you feel.
  • Wasted time: In today’s world people are involved a lot in their social media interactions than on regular. Games, apps and mindless merriment abound on all social media vents. If you are not cautious, you can get slurped into the latest time degenerative black hole.
  • Fake people: It is a common problem that social media sites are not safe with the identity. There are chances of fake people using fake names and pictures can tend to molest your online interactions. It is very important to choose proper audiences in the online sites before making any further conversations.
  • Expose to pornography: This might tremor you, but it is imperative for you to know. Pornography runs unfathomably through social media. It is certain that it can be discovered on any social media site, deliberately or accidentally.

I hope that the dark side of social media does not daunt you. For all the malevolent that exists, there is a profusion of good.


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Joydev Mishra


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