Sana got married three years ago. She had the perfect husband, perfect house, perfect family…perfect life, till now. Recently Sana found out that her husband had been having an affair with his colleague Tara. Sana almost packed her bags and left! But her mother talked her into giving her marriage another shot. Now Sana is hell bent on driving the “other woman” out of her husband’s life for good. No matter what it takes, Sana will get her marriage back on track.

Not all women are as confident and sure of themselves as Sana is. Most people believe that it is not possible for a marriage to recover if one of the partners goes astray. But it is! If you really love your partner more than you love your ego, it is possible to bring your marriage back on track. It is difficult, no denying that. It’s humiliating, at times. But once you let yourself heal, you can make it work.

Can The Pain Ever Go Away?

Yes, it can. If you allow yourself to forgive and move on with your partner, you can both get over the affair.

Nobody is denying your pain, hurt and humiliation. We are not saying that you SHOULD forgive your partner. We are just saying that it is POSSIBLE to forgive and move on. It is difficult and will take a lot of effort on your part. But it is possible.

Can The Relationship Be The Same Again?

Yes, it can. In fact, many couples who have gone through such an experience say that it has brought them even closer! Now, this is certainly no excuse for your or your partner to go and have an affair. All we are saying is that this is NOT the end of the world, UNLESS you want it to be! Bringing a relationship back on track after an affair is hard work. It is possible only if you are committed to the task.

Who Are You Doing It For?

Why are you trying to save your “nearing break-up” marriage/relationship? It is important to investigate into your feelings and find out the answer to this question.

For The Kids: This is the most common reason why couples stick together even when they hate each other. But if you have a loveless marriage, you cannot be good examples to your children. In fact, such an environment can only harm your kids. You might as well get divorced!

For The Society: Worried what your parents would think? Don’t want to give your neighbors a chance to wag their tongues? How long can you pull it off? After all, how long can you pretend that everything is hunky dory? Get out of your marriage if “social image” is your only concern. The divorce rates are high enough for you to live a decent life even after divorce!

For Your Partner: Are you doing him/her a favor by not opting out of the marriage/relationship? If this is the reason for your not breaking up, be sure that you might never be able to recreate the magic you once had. Can you love someone as a favor?

For Yourself: This is the one and only reason why you should consider staying with a partner who goes astray. If YOU want to be with him/her, only then can you make it work. After all, staying together is not the goal. The GOAL is to share the same old love and relationship that you once shared. That can happen only if you want it.

So what have you decided? Do you want to give your marriage/relationship another chance? Do you love your partner enough to forgive and move on?

If yes, do come back to read our second article in this series. In our second article, we will talk about ways to cope with this situation. DON’T MISS!!!

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