The festival season in India officially kicked off with the Navratras and we shall all be enjoying a cheery festive mood till Christmas. But this isn’t so for people who are alone. People who live far away from their families, and can’t be with them for some reason are lonely. Elderly people whose children have gone off abroad are lonely. Then there are people who really don’t have any family, and they are lonely. What happens to all these people during the festive season? Studies show that lonely people are the most depressed during this festive season. When they see everyone else celebrating with their loved ones, they feel even more alone than they already do! If you are such a person, how do you cope with it?

Ways To Cope With Being Alone in the Festive Holidays

1. Find someone to be with. You can try to get yourself invited to the celebrations at a friend’s or colleague’s house. You can check with people you know and see if anyone else is alone. Perhaps you can help each other cope with the loneliness.

2. Host a party. This is the best way to bring cheer and festivity into your life. Invite all the people you enjoy spending time with. Just make sure that you do not interfere with their family festival time. So host a Divali party the night before, or on the morning of the festival.

3. Do something for the less fortunate. If you have absolutely nobody to be with, try to do something good for the less fortunate. Host a meal/party for the poor in your house. It could be fun!

4. Get yourself a spa appointment. This always works!!!

5. Spend your time doing something creative. Paint, bake cookies, make sweet treats, do anything that occupies your mind.

6. Volunteer for a charity during this season. It gives you an opportunity to fill up your time and do good things for other people.

Whatever you do, avoid zoning out on the couch in front of the telly. That can only make you more depressed and lonely!

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