Who doesn’t like a nice compliment every now and then? We do, right? Men do too! This is like a revelation to most girls and women. We are usually so self obssessed that we only think about the compliments we’d like to hear. Rarely do we dish out compliments to our men, unless we want something from them. Right? Today we bring a you the compliments that your man will love, and paying these compliments will make you the best girlfriend!

Compliments Men Love

1. “You are so strong!” 

2. “You are so understanding and kind.” 

3. “You smell awesome, even when you’re sweating!”

4. “My! You can cook!”

5. “I can tell you anything!”

6. “You are the funniest man I know!”

7. “You are so attractive!”

8. “You are so intelligent!”

Men enjoy being told that you find them strong or powerful, it accentuates their masculinity! Apart from this, they also like to know that you see other qualities in them like the ones listed above. Get going and start compliementing!

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