If you are young and have internet, chances are you are on Tinder. The world of online dating is rather new for Indian people. We have had online marriage arrangement sites and apps for almost 2 decades now. But online dating is still very new. This is why a lot of people are very wary of trying this new way of meeting people from opposite sex. But the ones who give it a try, usually enjoy the experience.

So what are people looking for when they are busy swiping? That is a difficult question. But there are some things that they are definitely NOT looking for. These are the common turn offs as reported by Tinder users.

Common Tinder Turnoffs

1. Not having a picture. It is not cool to put up a picture of Alia Bhatt or an animated little girl on your profile. This is the biggest turnoff. 

2. Not having good pictures is another big turnoff. So if you have only one picture that just shows your face, people don’t get to see enough to form an idea of what you really look like. Similarly, if you just post pictures of yourself in groups, you are not sharing enough.

3. A very serious profile is also quite boring! Tinder is not Shadi.com. Tinder is for fun. So your profile should show a lighter and fun side of you.

4. Poor spellings on your profile are also quite a turnoff for people who have good language skills.

5. A bio that never seems to end! If you spill your guts out on your profile, there is no mystery left to explore.

6. Sending too many messages, especially if they remain unanswered is also a turnoff.

7. If you refuse to meet up even after weeks of online dating, that’s a turnoff too!

The thing about Tinder is that it is for harmless fun dates. It is not for a soulmate search. So don’t take it too seriously!

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Lavanya Mehra


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