If you are in the dating game, you must be aware that there are some absolute deal breakers for everyone. For instance, Kavita has decided she would never date a guy with a beard. Similarly, Raman has decided he would never date a tall girl as he himself is a little short. Everyone has similar rules which act as deal breakers for them. Even if a person is great in all other aspects, deal breakers make them ineligible as a prospective date. 

Here are some common deal breakers for both men and women.

Smoking: Smoking is a definite deal breaker for most men. Many women also consider it a deal breaker. So if you smoke, this might be what’s putting off everyone!

Excessive Drinking or Drugs: Just like smoking, too much drinking and doing drugs is a deal breaker for most people.

Not Drinking at all! Surprisingly, being a teetotaller is also considered a deal breaker. This is because being a teetotaller is like being a spoilsport at parties. Most people want their partner to be open to drinking socially.

Physical Attributes: Though most people will deny it, physical attributes are also a deal breakers for almost everyone. Being too overweight and being too short are most often the deal breakers. A lot of people consider being too dark and being too skinny as dealbreakers too.

Financial / Employment Status: Both men and women consider financial status and success in career as deal breakers too. Women, especially, do not wish to date someone who is unemployed and poor.

Poor Hygiene: This can be a deal breaker for anyone, especially for women.

Bad Manners: Women are especially picky about poor manners!

Age: This is a deal breaker for men because men always want their women to get younger and younger! 

Selfie-Addiction: Nobody wants to date a person who is addicted to social media and selfies. Such people are believed to have time only for themselves and it is thought that they are full of themselves.

Facial Hair: Many women have this as a deal breaker. So if you are a man with a moustache or beard, it might be what’s standing in your way!

Laziness: People consider laziness a deal breaker. Lazy people are unresponsive, don’t get things done and are great at making excuses. 

So what are your deal breakers?

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