For some people, this is the best time to be a student enrolled in class 12. After much deliberation, the central government has announced that CBSE board exams for class 12 will not be held this year. A time which is usually the most stressful in any student’s life, has turned out to be a joke for students this year. Ending all speculation and mystery behind class 12 exams, the PMO announced, “The health and safety of our students is of utmost importance and there will be no compromise on this aspect. Students should not be forced to appear for exams in such a stressful situation.” PMO also clarified that CBSE will take steps to compile the results of Class 12 students according to “well-defined objective criteria in a time-bound manner”.

As soon as this news was made public, Twitter erupted in funny memes, most coming from students that could not disguise their joy!

But as students crack jokes and make light of this situation, parents are concerned about the future of their children. With no exam pressure, will students be able to learn anything at all? Cancellation of exams does not mean the whole future has been cancelled. Students still need to make career choices, they still need to compete with each other for entrance to prestigious colleges and universities. How does this decision affect those plans?

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