Being a woman just got easier!

Memsaabs always complain that balancing a career and a family is difficult. Nobody denies that. Yes, it’s very difficult to manage a full time job, a family and kids. All these aspects in your life put such demands on your time that you may just lose yourself in the midst of it all.

But all these complaints are now going for a toss! Corporate India has woken up to the special needs of their female workforce and the results are tangible. It is now possible to look after your little kids, take them to the park, drop them/pick them up from school, attend all those Parent-Teacher meets etc and still have a career.

With options like Part-Time jobs, Flexi-Time jobs and Work-At-Home jobs, having a rocking career has become a possibility for everyone. Employers now employ technology to offer such solutions to their female workforce. While some jobs offer the freedom to completely work from home, there are a few that require weekly visits to the office. Video conferencing and internet technologies have taken care of the flow of communication in such setups.

From copywriting to content writing, many jobs are now available in the “work-at-home” format. It is also worth mentioning that the corporate India is going out of its way to recruit women for their jobs. Reason? Simple, yaar! The employee turnover in the case of women is much less than that for their male counterparts. Who wants to spend big bucks on training a male employee and watch him leave within an year, when you can hire a woman who’ll stay for at least 4-5 yrs before moving on!

Impressive people skills also make women more suitable for many jobs. It’s little wonder then that companies prefer a female face to represent them. Female staff at the front desk and female staff for customer service, isn’t that the norm today?

What’s more, finding a job that suits your needs is not that difficult anymore. Whether you are looking for a high powered corporate job or a flexi-time job that lets you spend time with your kids, you have endless options available to you. www.naukriforwomen.com is a huge platform that aims to bring employers and women candidates together. The website has a section for “Regular jobs”, one for “Part-Time/Work-At-Home jobs” and one for “Volunteer jobs”. So even if you just wish to put in a couple of hours every week for social work, you are bound to find opportunities here. All you need to do it visit www.naukriforwomen.com and register as a job seeker. If you already have a login id at www.memsaab.com, you may use the same id for www.naukriforwomen.com as well. So what are you waiting for? Go get that job, girl!!!

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