One new years eve in Bangalore, drunken men had a free for all as they went on a rampage, molesting women. The city police had deployed 1500 policemen in the famous MG Road and Brigade Road areas. But the police watched helplesslessly as men groped and molested women leaving the pubs in the night. Peple were alowed to party till 1:30 am on NEw Year’s Eve, but as women left the bars and pubs, they were in for a shock. They were accosted by drunken revellers who lay in wait for easy prey.

What does this incident say about our society and about the safety of women in our society. Why is it considered ok for men to grope and molest women who are celebrating a new year’s eve? Is this the way men celebrate in our country? This incident makes us ashamed to be part of a society that is made of such people. 

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