The confusion and uncertainty around Class 12 results has now come to an end. CBSE has finalized a plan for marking Class 12 results. The assessment plan drawn by CBSE has been approved by the Supreme Court and will now be put into action.

The CBSE has announced that final results for Class 12 will be released on July 31.

Final results of Class 12 will be based on the student’s performance in the preceding 3 years i.e. from Class 10 onwards. The grades earned by a student in Class 12 pre-board exams will be given 40% weightage. Grades earned in Class 11 final exams will be given 30% weightage and 30% weightage would be given to the best of 3 marks earned in Class 10. Each school will form a Class 12 result committee comprising 2 senior most teachers in the school. The school may add a third member to the committee if required. CBSE will also set up a moderation committee to check schools that award very liberal grades to their students.

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