Ruchita got the shock of her life when she returned home a day early from her official trip to Mumbai. She found another woman in her house, with her husband! This sounds so filmy, right? But it was very real for Ruchita and obviously very heart-breaking too. She had never suspected her husband of an affair or even of lying. But when she revisited the events of the p ast few weeks in her mind, she realised that he had lied to her about many things many a times, but she just never suspected it!
If you have no intention of being duped by anyone like Ruchita, you must learn how to identify a liar. It’s not rocket science, just simple and basic body language information that turns out to be very useful at times!
Are You Being Lied To?
1. The first thing a person does while lying is to break eye contact. When someone is avoiding eye contact, it could mean he is lying. But experienced liars are usually aware of this and will deliberately hold eye contact for very long, in order to come across as believable. What an irony!
2. A person who is lying will often try to cover his/her face. This could be by the way of scratching some part of the face or rubbing etc.
3. Fidgeting in the chair or playing with hair is also a sign of lying.
4. One of the best giveaways of a liar is that he/she will offer too much information. When there is too much explanation or embellishment of an answer, you gotta watch out!
5. Liars will usually not use the contractions in language. So he will say “I DID NOT go to the restaurant” for more emphasis on the fact of his not having gone.
6. Someone who is lying will usually get offensive if you ask a question or try to probe further. Remember offence is the best form of defence!
7. A person who is lying will also exhibit the Selective Memory Loss disorder if you ask any questions to probe further!
If you remember all these points, you will be a formidable human lie detector machine!


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